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Search Engine Positioning by ClassicHits

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  • Top Search Engine Positioning Services (See example below)
  • We specialize in search engine optimization of all sites, and even Framed sites (we don't recommend Framed sites as they are harder to get top ranking on, and are Patented with SBC)
  • Search Engine Registrations
  • Cloud Designing
  • Cloud Reseller Program
  • Custom Cloud Hosting
  • Low Budget Banner Advertising - (Run of Network & Targeted Available)
  • Budget Banner Design/Graphic Design: Static, Animated, Flash Banners/Rich Media Banners - Banners starting at $40, Flash Banners $Ask. We can make what you need, just ask.
  • Pay Per Click Management/PPC Management Services, MSN PPC, & Google PPC).
  • Mobile Phone Advertising - Mobile Web Advertising
  • META tags, ALT tags & Comment tags Designed
  • Search Engine Position Ranking Reports (See example below)
  • Social Bookmarking Submissions for $60
  • Twitter setup starting at $60 + Manage Twitter services
  • Facebook setup & Facebook Maintenance starting at $60
  • Web Maintenance & Webmaster Services
  • Web Redesign Services
  • Internet Marketing Services
  • Email Hosting Services through MailStreet
  • SEO Press Releases / Search Engine Optimization Press Releases (We optimize your PR)
  • Content Writing Services
  • Blogs - SEO Optimized Blogs
  • Universal Business Listing - 200+ business directories
  • Mobile Web Sites
  • Please see the order form for all packages & services available, or ask.

Create a Free Mobile Website

Search Engine Top Position Packages are designed to help increase site traffic. We help get you Top 10, 20, 30 ranking achieved positions by keyword. We use proven search engine positioning methods to achieve these results. Includes: Keyword Analysis, META tags designed, HTML Coding, (4) Search Engine Submissions (weekly during first month), Manual Search Engine Submission reports, and Site Map & SEO Content will be written, and 3 months of Manual Submissions. This is our Basic SEO package. We will let you know what will work for your site when we review it. Please ask for a free SEO reports & free web site review.

Primary method for achieving Search Engine Optimization Top Positions is by doing a Keyword Analysis. Knowing what people are actually searching for and then applying it to your site brings traffic and eliminates the guesswork. We have access to search engine data and we know what keywords and terms that people are looking for as they relate to your business or product.

Average time for the usual site takes 30 days to 4 months for results to be achieved. We help get you a Top 30 position (normally you receive a wide variety of top positions). We do not charge per keyword. Usual scenario: Most sites get several Top 10, 20, 30 keyword results. Note: Some sites do not react as expected and take longer (due to site design, or engine indexing problems, but this is not the norm). We will work on your site until Top 30 results are achieved (normally this occurs from 30 days to 6 months). We can design something custom for you to fit your budget.

Click here for Example of Search Engine Positioning results. This client took 30 days to achieve 7 #1 relevant positions. His business site went from obscurity (literally was only in the engines under his business name) to the Top in the furniture business. Please contact us to discuss your site or for more information.

Here's another SEO results example - Client received 5 #1 search engine positions in 30 days. (Not counting business name).

Here's another fast SEO results example for a client. Received very good results in 30 days. This is one report out of several. Another example of search engine results over time.

Here's another search engine optimization report example. This site started to receive excellent results within 30 days. Client reports $1800 of new business in first month (that's approx 9 new customers). Site indexing is still building and doing well. This is one of several reports.

Please see our Testimonials for more.

** We specialize in search engine positioning Framed or non-framed sites. We can handle most anything, but Frames are our specialty. Most SEO firms won't do search engine positioning on a framed site. Come see us. We personally don't recommend using Frames, as they are now Patented, plus they are hard for the search engines to read/spider.

Gold Search Engine Positioning Package
Includes: Keyword Analysis, META tags designed, HTML Coding, Site Map & SEO Content will be written, (4) Search Engine Registrations (weekly during first month), and Search Engine Submissions12 Months of Search Engine Submissions (manual + automated to 1 Million sites).  

Ask for a free SEO quote

Platinum Search Engine Positioning Package
Includes: Keyword Analysis, META tags designed, HTML Coding, Site Map & SEO Content will be written, 12 Months of Search Engine Submissions (manual & automated to 1 Million sites + bi-monthly manual submission) + 12 Months of Search Engine Position Ranking Reports, Social Bookmarking Submission,SEO Press ReleaseSearch Engine Optimized Press Release or a minimum of 2 days of Mobile Phone Advertising Mobile Phone Search Advertising.  You may substitute the Press Release for Mobile Phone Advertising. This is the complete package.

Extra Content pages are $20 each. Extra pages are available at anytime. This is for the client that needs a lot of keywords leading to them to beat the competition, and would like to add more pages later.

Custom quotes may be given for very large sites, or sites that contain hundreds or thousands of products.

Ask for a free SEO quote

Emails for Small Business with Constant Contact
Build your business with Email Marketing and Online Surveys from Constant Contact. FREE 60-Day Trial.

Pay Per Click Management/PPC Management Services are $49 for (1) PPC engines, $59 for (2) PPC engines, or $69 for (3) PPC engines, or $79 for (4) PPC engines per month and this includes set up of account on Bing/MSN Search, Google AdWords (and others), and maintaining of account/adjusting bids daily. Account reports are sent once monthly. Large accounts may be extra. MSN may give up to a $200 account credit (if still available). We normally have $100 Google AdWords coupons for use for new AdWords accounts. Please ask. If you just want to have someone to set up an account for you, it's $60 setup per hour (normally takes 1-2 hours), or you can select the monthly maintenance, (Recommended, as bids fluctuate daily and by monitoring and adjusting your bids, your advertising dollars go further). Google AdWords is $5 to start. MSN Search is also $5 to get started. Same setup fees apply. We recommend that you do all PPC engines together as you get most of the Internet webtraffic. 

  • Google PPC
  • Mobile Web Advertising

Social Bookmarking SubmissionsSocial Bookmarking Submissions are $60

Social Bookmarking Submissions

  • Submission to 125+ Social Bookmark sites
  • Submission & Confirmation Report (.xls format)
  • Can accept title, url, keywords, and description
  • Submission for one site
  • Takes approx 5-7 days
  • Great for getting potential Google Page 1 Rankings by Keyword. Ask me how...

Twitter Setup, Manage TwitterTwitter Setup starts at $60. Want to be on the Social Networking site Twitter and don't have the time or knowledge to get started? Allow us to set up a site on Twitter for you. Twitter has such a large amount of people and businesses that you can't not be on there. Excellent business potential. We also can manage Twitter for you daily, weekly or as needed for an additional $300 per month. 

Facebook Setup, Manage FacebookFacebook Set up & Facebook Maintenance starts at $60 setup for basic Facebook profile or business Page. More extensive design, please ask. Facebook manage maintenance is $300 monthly.

Mobile Phone AdvertisingMobile Web Advertising - Mobile Phone Advertising starts at $60 per month for Mobile Phone Advertising - these are mobile web ads on the largest search provider built into the mobile phones. Starts at $50 to get started (Network setup), $60 setup per hour (our fee), minimum 10 cents per click, landing page available to collect emails, or just have them phone you. Can advertise by Continent, and choice of categories. Ask for more info. You will get lots of calls and leads with this, we have!

Note: You will be billed by Google, Bing/MSN, and Mobile Phone Advertising Network on your own credit card. Very large amounts of keywords (Power Clients) may have slightly higher monthly fees starting at $225. We do not charge a percentage..

SEO Press Releases (SEO PR) - We provide Search Engine Optimized Press Releases. These are then submitted to the Major Newswires and help to increase your search engine ranking, visibility and traffic to your business. Starting at $350.


  • Same Day Distribution
  • PRWeb® and eMediawire™ Distribution 
  • Images and Multimedia File Attachments 
  • Guaranteed "Page One " Placement on PRWEB.COM 
  • RSS/XML/OPLM/NewsML Inclusion 
  • Paid Search Engine Inclusion 
  • Google News®, Yahoo!® News & MSN News Inclusion 
  • Up to 5 Industry Targets 
  • Statistics

Just submit your PR to use, or we can write one for you.


Use AdBrite to Buy and Sell Ads

Targeted advertising on over 110,000+ sites. Browse by category, write your ad in minutes and then advertise. Also have Run of Network on specially targeted sites. Use AdBrite  

Email HostingDo you need Email Hosting services? Try MailStreet. They offer Blackberry hosting, Treo PDA email hosting, Pocket PC email hosting, and email host services. They also do Corporate email hosting. Free Microsoft Outlook 2007 or Free Entourage for Mac.

Budget Banner Design starts at $40 each. We can do static, or animated. Please let us know where you will be placing so we know how to effectively design for you. Flash Banners & Rich Media Banners. please ask. Please allow at least 3 days for Flash designs. If you need several graphics, please ask for a quote.

Web Page Design can also be done for $60 per hour. Please ask for a quote as all work is custom. No job too small. We have affordable prices for lower cost web design, especially if you only need a few pages for a quick web site, or landing page for your PPC campaign. We are a Phoenix Web Designer. $Ask for a web design quote

Search Engine Registration is $10 each the first time you do business with us. Submission to a variety of High Profile Classifieds is an extra $10 each (Craigslist, MySpace), submission to Yahoo Classifieds - please ask (Varies based on category).

Yahoo Search Engine Submissions are $25. We can research the best areas for you to be entered into Yahoo! and then manually enter you. We know the ins and outs of the Yahoo submission process. We also will review your site and make suggestions before the editor reviews your site. You have a better chance of getting included in Yahoo! the first time this way. Yahoo! Business Express is $299 Annually (Payable to Yahoo!), and $600 for Adult related sites. If your site was in Yahoo! before 12-28-2001, you will not have an annual charge.

META tags & ALT tags Designed We can design your titles, META tags, ALT Tags, Comment tags and optimize your site. These are done in conjunction with one of our Search Engine Position packages. Great for search engine positioning. We recommend that you do optimize the entire site as just adding META tags and submitting the site is not nearly enough to achieve top search engine results.

Search Engine Positioning Ranking Reports are $99 each. This is for those that would like us to check on their search engine placement. Give us your URL and we will check all the Major Search Engines and give detailed information as to your search engine placement positions and ranking with all the Major Engines by keyword. Very comprehensive! Don't start your Market Analysis without this! For Professionals. Click here for an example of a Search Engine Position & Ranking Report.  

If you are not yet a client, please ask for a free web site review and free search engine ranking report.

Web Maintenance & Web Master For Hire Services "I Need A Webmaster" We charge $60 per hour (see rates below) for Web master services and web site maintenance services.

Web Redesign Services are $60 an hour (see rates below). Web Site Redesigns are sometimes necessary for some sites to get better ranking in the engines. We also have packages available. Outsourcing available on services we do not provide. We have a large network of experts to sub-contract work to. $Ask for quote.

Internet Marketing Services - Consider hiring us to do your Online Marketing campaigns. We are lower in cost than hiring a new employee. Please let us know your needs.

Free Site Engine Position Report - Free Web Site Review - We offer (1) initial free web site review upon request per person/company. Competitor sites do not apply. We reserve the right not to review any site. The Free web site review/free SEO report is valued at $99 and takes several hours to complete (1-3 days). Please email us for the free web site review.

Our Press Releases:

For: Ackley's Custom Site Submission
Contact: Carla Ackley, (800) 969-9598, or (623) 587-9499 or -



PHOENIX, AZ. September 1, 1999 - With the awareness that no web site can be a successful one without a wide presence over the Internet, Ackley's Custom Site Submission, an Arizona search engine specialist in online personal business services, announces the establishment of a new SEO service and website. ClassicHits, located at, is a one stop online promotion service that offers comprehensive keyword placement on web sites for individuals and businesses at a fraction of the cost of similar search engine marketing placement programs.

ClassicHits offers a variety of options to the consumer, custom tailoring the placement necessary to the individual or company. All of the options are available for minimal cost, making ClassicHits the ideal placement service for small businesses with limited advertising budgets. ClassicHits offers: Search Engine Registrations, Positioning, Classified Ad, International Search Engine Placement, Site Inspections, and Web Design/Redesign/Maintenance Services.

ClassicHits can process most orders on the same day that they are placed, so that consumers do not need to wait to begin to reap the benefits of their increased web presence. The company will also offer a submission report to the consumer upon request, at no extra charge. ClassicHits offers a secure online order form for safe, rapid processing.

In a time when nearly everyone seems to have a URL or announcement on the Internet, it is essential that individuals and small businesses shout out their presence on the web, so as not to get lost in the enormity of Internet e-advertising. For a small cost, ClassicHits offers the megaphone necessary to get noticed.

For additional information regarding this Arizona SEO company, see: ClassicHits or Ackley's Custom Site Submission, contact Carla Ackley above or visit



PHOENIX, AZ (PRWEB) April 29, 2008 -- ClassicHits - Ackley's Custom Site Submission, the Phoenix Arizona Search Engine Optimization company would like to announce that it has partnered with and is now offering creative writing, technical writing, web content, advertising copy and general writing services to clients in addition to SEO expertise.

Previously, when there has been a need for writing services ClassicHits often had to outsource the work to various providers of writing services. The reason for this new partnership is to provide additional services through a known professional service and thereby provide their clients with the best services available at reasonable rates. 

The staff at has a combination of over 15 years experience including financial writing, medical technical writing, policies and procedures, web content writing, general business writing and creative writing of all kinds such as prose and poetry. It is for these abilities and professionalism that ClassicHits feels confident in offering their writing service in partnership with the provision of SEO services.

Arizona SEO Company Interview by Top SEO Writing Services


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